My wonderful job (9th August 2013)

What a wonderful job I have. Just had one of my pupils that has struggled with learning for various reasons and he’s passed third time. The family are absolutely over the moon. I was almost in tears…he’s booked Pass Plus as well . Having said that, I told him to text his mum on theContinue reading “My wonderful job (9th August 2013)”

Was business group failure or potential success? (July 2nd 2013)

When I first went about setting up a small working group, I did so with the view to, not only  helping people ( particularly the self employed ) in that they may have somewhere to go for support as well as being able to educate each other in a way that was advantageous to all,Continue reading “Was business group failure or potential success? (July 2nd 2013)”

Standards Check (& you name it…)(26th June 2013)

Following a meeting in Altrincham on the 25th June, I thought  the content might be of interest to other driving instructors reading this blog. I would like to point out that it was a particularly useful meeting and hosted by the DIA – the best bit was that the two course leaders stood up inContinue reading “Standards Check (& you name it…)(26th June 2013)”

A Powerful Christmas Story(21st Dec 2012)

Some years ago, at my local Church  Carol Service, I was fortunate enough to hear the following reading which is one person’s description of happenings over 50 years ago. I am far from ashamed to admit that no matter how often I resurrect the piece ( at Christmas ) it  still has me in tearsContinue reading “A Powerful Christmas Story(21st Dec 2012)”

Client centred teaching (and worship)(9th Sept 2012)

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Stockport Quaker Meeting House recently by a neighbour. My first thought was that I would have to sit still for an hour and that just waiting to be led by The spirit would result in little more than an uncomfortable, fidgety session that would see myContinue reading “Client centred teaching (and worship)(9th Sept 2012)”

Why, oh, why be a blogger? (29th July 2012)

I’ve just read a thread on an Internet forum concerning  bloggers and about what it is they should be writing.  One respondent said that they would be asking what it was their customers wanted to know before putting pen to paper ( I still haven’t come across the eloquent computing equivalent of that expression ).Continue reading “Why, oh, why be a blogger? (29th July 2012)”

Rip Sandy (From a previous blog) 25th July 2012

I’ve transferred this old blog entry from my other site  – just because I want to and it seems the right thing to do – no other reason.   Posted on January 14, 2011, 5:14 pm on a previous blog. Following surgery to remove her spleen earlier this week, Sandy, my little dog was foundContinue reading “Rip Sandy (From a previous blog) 25th July 2012”

Teachers/Coaches – One For You!(22nd July 2012)

I’ve just been lifted reading a little book by Gervase Phinn – one of the Quick Reads from Heaton Moor Library – called All These Lonely People . Feeling like something short and light, it seemed the perfect choice and, sure enough, I found myself laughing out loud as the priest lets one of theContinue reading “Teachers/Coaches – One For You!(22nd July 2012)”