Reverse into a limited opening (15th July 2012)

Reverse into a limited opening (15th July 2012) Sharp Corners – The Basics Note – this works well in my car for 95% of pupils. You will probably have to alter reference points and eventually, I expect pupils to do this without them, but it is a good system for promoting understanding of how theContinue reading “Reverse into a limited opening (15th July 2012)”

From an even older blog (July 15th 2012)

My ( very ) old ‘blog posts OK – so I’ve just copy & pasted my old ‘blog entries to this site ( why waste work you’ve already done when, after all, it acts to push you up the search engines? ) Some will love it and some will hate it – I’ll say noContinue reading “From an even older blog (July 15th 2012)”

Why We Should ( No, Must ) Be Nice To Each Other (14th July 2012)

I would like to take this opportunity to express a long standing principle of mine and hope that it gets an important message across to all the PDI’s and ADI’s out there. Having frequented the ADI internet Fora for many years, it both saddens and worries me that there continues to be an atmosphere ofContinue reading “Why We Should ( No, Must ) Be Nice To Each Other (14th July 2012)”