Reverse into a limited opening (15th July 2012)

Reverse into a limited opening (15th July 2012) Sharp Corners – The Basics Note – this works well in my car for 95% of pupils. You will probably have to alter reference points and eventually, I expect pupils to do this without them, but it is a good system for promoting understanding of how theContinue reading “Reverse into a limited opening (15th July 2012)”

Move Off Uphill (15th July 2012)

Move Off Uphill The Basics 1. Press clutch 2. Select 1st gear 3. Set gas ( a little more than usual depending on how steep the hill is ) 4. Raise the clutch ( watch the dash board lift a little ) 5. Check mirrors 6. Check blind spot 7. Check mirrors 8 Give aContinue reading “Move Off Uphill (15th July 2012)”

Doing A Running Commentary (15th July 2012)

Jul 15, 2012 It can improve your perception of what is happening on the road. Better perception increases awareness and improves your judgement of speeds, distances and timings. Improved judgements reduce accident risk and so improve road safety. Expert police drivers have been using the commentary drive for many years to improve and maintain anticipationContinue reading “Doing A Running Commentary (15th July 2012)”

From an even older blog (July 15th 2012)

My ( very ) old ‘blog posts OK – so I’ve just copy & pasted my old ‘blog entries to this site ( why waste work you’ve already done when, after all, it acts to push you up the search engines? ) Some will love it and some will hate it – I’ll say noContinue reading “From an even older blog (July 15th 2012)”