Reduce Your Fuel Bills

Now buying my petrol at 119.50p per litre (exc vat) thanks to my business fuel card. It’s usually about 10 – 20p a litre less, but this company even beat their usual discounts with their occasional specials, and this week’s price is one of them! I have used them for a few months now, andContinue reading “Reduce Your Fuel Bills”

All Weather Driving

I’ve written this article during Lockdown due to driving lessons constantly being cancelled. I hope many will find it useful (though it is a bit of a tome) particularly during these cold, winter days we are having at the time of writing. The article is split into the three skills that cover the problems thatContinue reading “All Weather Driving”

Coronavirus Guidelines for Teaching Driving

A copy & Paste from the professional body to which I belong, that represents driving instructors, concerning what I would call ‘ barrier teaching’ is shown below. I have preceded the actual report with a summary of the legalities I received (thankfully) and this is shown in italics. Though not mentioned in the summary, theContinue reading “Coronavirus Guidelines for Teaching Driving”

On the Radio again / Virtual Driving Lesson

I was half snoozing / listening along to the Today programme on Radio 4 recently when my ears pricked up at a request for small business owners to phone in and tell how they were adapting during Lockdown. Having done radio a few times, I couldn’t resist the lure of publicity and, yes, I amContinue reading “On the Radio again / Virtual Driving Lesson”

Looking out for your own eyes (11th July 2016)

Having had a traumatic last couple of weeks, thereabouts, with a scare on my eyesight, I thought it might be helpful to relate it here, in case anyone suffers the same symptoms.   I woke up with flashing lights to my left eye along with a floater. Google correctly said this could be symptomatic ofContinue reading “Looking out for your own eyes (11th July 2016)”

My wonderful job (9th August 2013)

What a wonderful job I have. Just had one of my pupils that has struggled with learning for various reasons and he’s passed third time. The family are absolutely over the moon. I was almost in tears…he’s booked Pass Plus as well . Having said that, I told him to text his mum on theContinue reading “My wonderful job (9th August 2013)”

HPI’s Guide to Eco Motoring ( and be a safer driver, too ) (2nd Aug 2012)

• Consider the type of fuel you use and your style of driving. Diesel is more energy efficient than petrol, but is less suitable for short journeys. • Clear your car of unnecessary clutter – on average, every 50kg of extra weight increases petrol consumption by up to 2%. • Check your tyre pressure isContinue reading “HPI’s Guide to Eco Motoring ( and be a safer driver, too ) (2nd Aug 2012)”

Pulling in on the Left (24th July 2012)

In 1st Gear: Check mirrors Off gas Signal? Hands to top of wheel Steer left, right, left Press clutch Press bakeHand brake & neutral   Pulling in on the left( 2nd gear and above ): Check mirrors Off gas Signal? Hands to top of wheel Steer left, right, left Press brake Press clutch Keep brakingContinue reading “Pulling in on the Left (24th July 2012)”

Shootings, Shots & Stuff (July 22nd 2012)

I have never been a fan of mind altering drugs and my first thoughts were, on hearing of the recent shooting in America, not only for the victims ( both directly and indirectly ) but,  whether there was a possibility that the crime was drug related. When I say drug related, I mean drugs administeredContinue reading “Shootings, Shots & Stuff (July 22nd 2012)”

Parallel Parking(15th July 2012)

Note – this works well in my car for 95% of pupils. You will probably have to alter reference points and eventually, I expect pupils to do this without them, but it is a good system for promoting understanding of how the car responds. The Basics 1 Line up the car level with the doorContinue reading “Parallel Parking(15th July 2012)”