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In the Video ‘ We’ll be together again’

The local ‘4 Heatons Traders Association’ came up with this gem ( I’m on at the end, looking a tad self conscious), presumably to keep us occupied during the Lockdown. It’s tons better than I thought it would be and, the music’s grown on me too! Great fun and I want to do another oneContinue reading “In the Video ‘ We’ll be together again’”

On the Radio again / Virtual Driving Lesson

I was half snoozing / listening along to the Today programme on Radio 4 recently when my ears pricked up at a request for small business owners to phone in and tell how they were adapting during Lockdown. Having done radio a few times, I couldn’t resist the lure of publicity and, yes, I amContinue reading “On the Radio again / Virtual Driving Lesson”

My contribution to Creative non Fiction (4th March 2019)

I’ve always felt that what I was writing didn’t fit into any particular genre. Until I went to the recent Northern Lights Writing Conference where I listened to a talk on Creative Non Fiction. It is ‘new’ in the sense that it hasn’t really been recognized ( or labelled ) before but it was aContinue reading “My contribution to Creative non Fiction (4th March 2019)”

Traffic Reduction Report on Didsbury Rd. Stockport (23rd Oct 2017)

This is a summary of some research I did for The Four Heatons Traders Association concerning the volume of traffic coming down Didsbury Road in Stockpot and the results may be of interest to those of you who live in the vicinity. We identified the following problems: The bus lane operating 12 hours a day,Continue reading “Traffic Reduction Report on Didsbury Rd. Stockport (23rd Oct 2017)”

Driving Test Stuff

You can read up on all things related to the driving test here. I’v e not put direct links to different aspects (marking, booking, theory, practical) etc., because it’s a ‘shifting sands’. You might have to register with the .gov website but useful if you want to learn about driving/licensing anyway.

Don’t lose benefits to poor accounting ( 15th July 2013 – but updated 9/5/20)

Since the writing of this is article, I now find myself  in the midst of the  Covid 19 virus crisis of 2020. As such, things are shifting around in the benefit world and should you be on Working Tax Credit, I am hearing  rumblings that it will replaced by Universal Credit. Be careful applying forContinue reading “Don’t lose benefits to poor accounting ( 15th July 2013 – but updated 9/5/20)”

From an even older blog (July 15th 2012)

My ( very ) old ‘blog posts OK – so I’ve just copy & pasted my old ‘blog entries to this site ( why waste work you’ve already done when, after all, it acts to push you up the search engines? ) Some will love it and some will hate it – I’ll say noContinue reading “From an even older blog (July 15th 2012)”