I was lost in Rome (24th Nov 2014)

I’ve just been lost in Rome. With The Vatican, bus tour and a short guide on foot (from my nephew) all done, I had to make my way over to where he was staying with Rachel. Only 1k, but having become  slightly worn by the wonderful food, wine and beers etc., my sense of directionContinue reading “I was lost in Rome (24th Nov 2014)”

The Hughes School of Motoring hits Rome 24th Nov 2014

Having got through the plane journey from The Hughes School of Motoring,  though not entirely without hitch as, when having seated myself, a tendency towards OCD made me check ( for about the 50th time ) that my passport was still in the new bumbag, specially bought for the trip to Rome. These genius inventions mightContinue reading “The Hughes School of Motoring hits Rome 24th Nov 2014”

BBC Radio Manchester give me more are time *amazed* 21st May 2014

Ps. 12th May 2020 Though  I still possess the recording, I am unable to upload the sound file just now due to size/other issues.  Problem is you can run out of time with so many suggestions and ideas, but think I got the basic message across. Had great fun doing this with Kevin, the reporter.Continue reading “BBC Radio Manchester give me more are time *amazed* 21st May 2014”

Fisticuffs on Facebook (20th March 2014)

My claim to fame this last month is to have been blocked/deleted whatever from 2 people’s FB sites. Hardly a big deal because, as we know, FB friends do not necessarily equate to real friends ( although they could well do ). On the first occasion, I was merely providing a few facts to someContinue reading “Fisticuffs on Facebook (20th March 2014)”

My Interview on Radio Manchester (13th Oct 2013)

Ps. The link’s gone now, but you never know, they might resurrect it one day! I was enjoying a lie in the other day when the phone rang and I was asked if I’d like to answer questions on the potential changes to driver training and testing. As somebody who always wanted to be aContinue reading “My Interview on Radio Manchester (13th Oct 2013)”

My wonderful job (9th August 2013)

What a wonderful job I have. Just had one of my pupils that has struggled with learning for various reasons and he’s passed third time. The family are absolutely over the moon. I was almost in tears…he’s booked Pass Plus as well . Having said that, I told him to text his mum on theContinue reading “My wonderful job (9th August 2013)”

Was business group failure or potential success? (July 2nd 2013)

When I first went about setting up a small working group, I did so with the view to, not only  helping people ( particularly the self employed ) in that they may have somewhere to go for support as well as being able to educate each other in a way that was advantageous to all,Continue reading “Was business group failure or potential success? (July 2nd 2013)”

Driving Test Stuff

You can read up on all things related to the driving test here. I’v e not put direct links to different aspects (marking, booking, theory, practical) etc., because it’s a ‘shifting sands’. You might have to register with the .gov website but useful if you want to learn about driving/licensing anyway. http://www.gov.uk

Don’t lose benefits to poor accounting ( 15th July 2013 – but updated 9/5/20)

Since the writing of this is article, I now find myself  in the midst of the  Covid 19 virus crisis of 2020. As such, things are shifting around in the benefit world and should you be on Working Tax Credit, I am hearing  rumblings that it will replaced by Universal Credit. Be careful applying forContinue reading “Don’t lose benefits to poor accounting ( 15th July 2013 – but updated 9/5/20)”

Standards Check (& you name it…)(26th June 2013)

Following a meeting in Altrincham on the 25th June, I thought  the content might be of interest to other driving instructors reading this blog. I would like to point out that it was a particularly useful meeting and hosted by the DIA – the best bit was that the two course leaders stood up inContinue reading “Standards Check (& you name it…)(26th June 2013)”