Reduce Your Fuel Bills

Now buying my petrol at 119.50p per litre (exc vat) thanks to my business fuel card. It’s usually about 10 – 20p a litre less, but this company even beat their usual discounts with their occasional specials, and this week’s price is one of them!

I have used them for a few months now, and apart from a few teething issues getting used to their system, I am now confident to recommend them: just keep and eye on the Co2 count charge of a £1 they might add to your bill if you don’t tell them otherwise, though they will remove and refund that anyway, ensuring it doesn’t happen again.

Having said that, if you run a large fleet, this is a very economical way of monitoring your Green count.

There is a £12 per annum charge but you pretty much get that back when you fill up first time – it is also negotiable in the second year and they might even remove it altogether.

I usually speak about any issues by phone, where you are allocated a customer service manager, though they respond quickly to emails as well.

The cards used to be for commercial vehicles such as LGV but are now extended to driving instructors.

I chose the Texaco card because it is the cheapest offer in my area of SK4 where my local garage takes their fuel card.

Click below to find out about current prices and the cheapest garage option for your area.


Published by Hilary Hughes

Lady Driving Instructor / Automatic Car

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