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Since moving the business to Full Licence Holders from Learners, I am putting comments up from pupils to show how they feel the lessons have been helpful. Full Licence Holders only and here they come:

“Hilary has been an amazing instructor, very patient, and understanding who has enabled me to gradually grow in confidence with my driving. She has taken me on the motorway, along country lanes, through the city centre, and the infamous roundabouts of Manchester / Mancunian Way! I would recommend her to anybody who would like some refresher lessons to increase their driving experience and improve their skills in a controlled environment. I have more practice to do but feel like I’m now a lot safer on the roads – a big thank you to Hilary!” Louisa 29th November 2022

I just put one of your snow driving tips into practice! Pete called briefly today and had to park on my drive. Couldn’t get back up in reverse as no wheel traction. I got a large curtain as you instructed an d placed it under the wheels. He got out first go. A million thanks from Pete. Ax

Pete & Anne, from Heaton Mersey after a virtual / phone lesson 7th Jan 21

Thank you for a wonderful lesson.
A very kind very patient instructor and feeling a bit more confident than I was before.
Thank you, Hilary.
Kath, from Heaton Mersey

22nd October  2020

Took a Pass Plus course with Hilary a few years ago. A great experience for me as she is a good teacher with a very reassuring manner. Hilary’s love of driving is infectious and she certainly gave me more confidence to drive both on motorways and in busy urban traffic. I am happy to recommend the Hughes School of Motoring.

Anne (Heaton Mersey)

3rd October 2020

Really enjoy the lessons, very confident in her abilities to teach and understand what it is that I need to learn and be made to feel comfortable with.
Appreciate the time she takes to hear what it is that I need to feel comfortable and learn and very good explanations.
Very patient, very controlled and enjoying the lessons and the timings.
Victoria from Heaton Moor.

29th September 2020

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