Retreat time in Lockdown

There was a Chief Honcho from a monastic setup on Radio 4 the other day, discussing how so many people had turned to monasteries for advice on how to be happier during the Lockdown.

Generally, the advice (and good it was) is to structure your day into ‘morning, noon and evening’. It helps to write it down as well.
Now, I say the advice was good, because this is precisely what I did upon instruction of the Lockdown.

I also included some daily prayer /meditation, as did they. Clearly though, I wasn’t invited onto Radio 4 (in this instance anyway) so thought I would share my knowledge on here (conceited as that may sound).

Since the Lockdown, I’ve completed this new website, been on the Radio 4 programme ‘You & Yours’, had an article in the local ‘Heatons Post’ and appeared in my local 4 Heatons Traders video ( links to which can be found on this site under the ‘Media Posts’ in the Categories drop down box).

Usually, I’d either be worrying about, or trying to fit in lessons, but having had more time to reflect ‘On’ the business, as opposed to working ‘Within’ it, a change of routine was called for. Though, having come from a family that served in forces, I was well used to routine and punctuality, both of which have helped immensely in my being self employed.

I must emphasize that I do now receive a moderate private pension so my worries about money have not been as great as some of the self employed, who have suffered terribly in this Lockdown. I am also one of the fortunate to have benefited from the government grant to the SE, so it’s arguable that it is not just about being well organised or mindful.
If it does help, I’m briefly detailing the routine below:


Morning : Wash, dress, excercises, breakfast, Daily Morning Service or Church Zoom Prayer, wash up.

10.30 – Work on any cognitive tasks/admin

Noon : 12-30ish – Prepare/eat lunch, get ready to pop out for exercise, shopping, launderette, Instructional/Educational webinars/ golf practice etc.

Evening : Telephone/WhatsApp family & friends, Mindfulness webinars, evening prayer Zoom with church.


This has worked well, thus far, but already my time is beginning to get ‘shorter’ again, as people want to meet up for occasional exercise (which is lovely, by the way).

Maybe it’s time to start work on another set of rules/routine both as the Lockdown lifts and we are inundated with gradually more webinars and the like.

I knew it was too good to last. Perhaps I should retreat to a Convent or some such monastic setting after all. Or, set up my own little Retreat business. That chap on Radio 4 was clearly onto something after all.


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