New Masks/Online Conference/Going Back to Work etc.


I recently attended an on-line Driving Instructor Show – something that is usually held at a conference centre. Although tentative at first, I followed the instructions on how to navigate my way round, and it subsequently proved to be a great morning out!

You could login between 10am and 1pm and click on any exhibitor on the floor plan. Details then emerged giving you an overview of their services and sometimes a video. You also got the chance to speak over Zoom on a one to one to learn more. I found this particularly useful and spoke with 3 or 4 presenters.

The whole thing was free and I even managed to win these masks for when we return to work from a company called ‘ We Drive’. I looked into this firm because they are based in Manchester but I shall be continuing on my own.

That, incidentally, is looking like the 4th July, though one cannot be certain. When we do, of course, preparations to be made in terms of protection and thus far, two ideas have presented as options:

The plastic faceguard that goes from the head down to neck – my professional body that represents driving instructors are advising against this for now,due to the unknown consequences in the event of the airbag setting off.

A dividing screen that separates the driver from the instructor – this would prevent any intervention from the instructor in the event of having to pull hold of the steering wheel. Any alterations to the vehicle also have to be reported to your insurance company, and so it is not yet known how they would act in the event of a claim.

I am attending regular conference calls on he matter with people who liaise with the powers that be.

So, I hope to be out teaching again soon, but only when it is possible to create as safe an environment as can be achieved in the circumstances.

Stay safe, everyone, and I’ll much likely soon see you in one of these masks – or you me!


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