Traffic Reduction Report on Didsbury Rd. Stockport (23rd Oct 2017)

This is a summary of some research I did for The Four Heatons Traders Association concerning the volume of traffic coming down Didsbury Road in Stockpot and the results may be of interest to those of you who live in the vicinity.

We identified the following problems:

The bus lane operating 12 hours a day, thus causing tail backs up Didsbury Road.

Approximately 75 new homes to be built where the Driving Range was situated.

Stockport has the 5th most congested roads in the country.

Manchester is one of the worst places for chest complaints in the country.


Possible solutions had to be eliminated due to the following constrictions:


  1. Didsbury Road is a trunk road and the government has given up stopping traffic going down these when it comes to volume.

The only time they could is if it was structurally unsafe.

  1. The government formed what is known as the ‘Integrated Land Use & Transportation Policy’ which is, effectively, meaningless.

For eg., they thought that they would restrict the amount of parking within new homes so that the public would go toward public transport. As this is so poor, however, the builders remain committed to building homes with parking because they know that is what sells.


On the positive side, however, Andy Burnham is keen to make constructive changes, though acquiring answers from the town hall was proving pretty unfruitful. Eventually, a meeting with Colin Foster, the local Labour councillor, at his surgery in Heaton Moor Library, proved a success and the results of our meeting were:

The following points have already been raised as part of a greater plan called SEMMS (South East Manchester Multimodal Strategy). Unfortunately, the consultation date was 8/10/17 so we were unable to get back to make further comments.

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Considering these points are already ‘On the Table’, I would suggest that we are probably going to see some improvement by default. This is because, although the plan is for the whole area, much of what is being suggested will, ultimately, affect Didsbury Road for the better ( even if just one of the points is implemented ).

Roughly speaking, the points of action being considered within the consultation:

  • More Trams to be consolidated onto the Train lines
  • Parliamentary Trains to be utilised
  • Metrolink Parking extended
  • Bus lane to be made rush hour only
  • Metro link to extend to Stockport
  • New roads being built (High Lane etc. )
  • Traffic to be diverted from the A6 which would ultimately prevent traffic being brought down Didsbury Road via Stockport.
  • More Train stations (including Cheadle as in The Cheshire Line)?


We decided no further action other than to wait and see, whereby we can review the situation when positive action is announced and improve things in other ways when we know precisely how we will be affected.

Hilary Hughes

Published by Hilary Hughes

Lady Driving Instructor / Automatic Car

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