HPI’s Guide to Eco Motoring ( and be a safer driver, too ) (2nd Aug 2012)

• Consider the type of fuel you use and your style of driving. Diesel is more energy efficient than petrol, but is less suitable for short journeys.

• Clear your car of unnecessary clutter – on average, every 50kg of extra weight increases petrol consumption by up to 2%.
• Check your tyre pressure is correct to increase efficiency by up to 3%.
• Avoid over-revving, as higher revs use more fuel.
• Reduce your speed. The average car consumes 38% more fuel at 70mph than it does at 50mph.
• Smooth and steady. Avoid stopping and starting, as this uses more fuel and produces more CO2. Anticipate the flow of traffic and keep a steady speed.
• Idling increases emissions so avoid doing it – switch off the engine if you can do so safely.
• Driving in the highest gear appropriate and changing gear early can boost fuel economy.
• Accelerate gently to reduce fuel consumption.
• Using air conditioning increases fuel consumption by 10%. Instead, open windows or use the fan, but close them at high speeds.

Published by Hilary Hughes

Lady Driving Instructor / Automatic Car

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