Shootings, Shots & Stuff (July 22nd 2012)

I have never been a fan of mind altering drugs and my first thoughts were, on hearing of the recent shooting in America, not only for the victims ( both directly and indirectly ) but,  whether there was a possibility that the crime was drug related. When I say drug related, I mean drugs administered in the legal sense as well as illegal.


I questioned a friend  of mine who just happens to be a nutritional therapist

and she echoed precisely what I was thinking – Prozac, perhaps?
Apparently, all the other people who committed similar shootings turned out to have been on one of the SSRI drugs.


Being in the profession I am, it also suggests the question as to whether the increase in road rage could be borne form the prescribing of such drugs. If so, I fear that the blame can be laid firmly at the door of one group  – that is the of the driving instructors.


It is, after all, they who have no financial muscle –

Not that I’m saying that the drug companies do, of course – just in case you were wondering.


Or,  have I got it wrong there?


Published by Hilary Hughes

Lady Driving Instructor / Automatic Car

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