Parallel Parking(15th July 2012)

Note – this works well in my car for 95% of pupils. You will probably have to alter reference points and eventually, I expect pupils to do this without them, but it is a good system for promoting understanding of how the car responds.
The Basics
1 Line up the car level with the door mirrors about half a door’s width away.

2 Find the biting point and make all round observations.

3 Release the parking brake and reverse until you see the end of the other car in the corner of the rear side window.

4 Turn 1 revolution of the left hand lock.

5 Check both the left and right hand shoulders.

6 When the door handle appears to be at the bottom of the coping stone, turn lock back to the right one revolution keeping an eye on both the kerb and the near side front of the car.

As the front wing swings past the other car, check the left hand mirror by sitting up high in the seat ( enables fine tuning, you might say ) before making one more revolution of the steering to the right.

8 When the vehicle is parallel to the kerb, turn one revolution  to the left.
Notes : If the other car is narrower or very close to the kerb, turn the left lock a few inches later, still.

Go slowly enough to monitor the position/steering.
Remember to check your mirrors, blind spot and mirrors again before moving away following your successful manoeuvre.

Published by Hilary Hughes

Lady Driving Instructor / Automatic Car

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